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8 Oils that Help Release Grief

There is no right way to grieve; there is only your way to grieve and that is different for everyone.” — Nathalie Himmelrich

"Grief is not a disorder, a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve."
--- Earl Grollman

Unfortunately in life, not every experience can be filled with joy and happiness. The loss of a child, parent, relationship, or job can be incredibly debilitating, and it can throw your life out of balance. Though it is hard to feel this pain in our hearts, grief is something that we all must experience at one point or another, and grief is a crucial stage of our acceptance of a loss. That is why it should not be discouraging or embarrassing to seek help or support with essential oils that help release grief. 

Fear, anger, sadness, guilt, or loneliness are all emotions that one can have after a painful experience. These emotions are all valid and deserve to be felt in your own time. However, there will come a point where you are ready to release these emotions and find the balance, peace, and control that you need to guide you through your healing journey. 

How Aromatherapy Can Help - With Essential Oils For Grief

Grief comes in many forms, and like any healing process, there is no cure-all. However, for many, essential oils can be a strong support for those who are grieving. You can use aromatherapy to help release unwanted emotions and restore your mental and emotional wellbeing, especially when paired with healing and mindfulness practices such as meditation, journaling, or therapy. To begin your journey toward acceptance and healing, consider including some of these 8 oils that may help release grief.

8 Essential Oils That Help Release Grief

1. Cypress

Crisp, woodsy aroma; may help balance hormones & PMS symptoms.

Feelings of emotional emptiness and desperation are common when experiencing loss. With a calming and woodsy aroma, Cypress can help us let go of sorrow and loneliness, and restore a sense of hope in dark times.

2. Patchouli

Deep, rich, earthy, musky; for stress relief & mental clarity.

When our grief becomes too loud for our minds and bodies to bear, try breathing in the herbaceous, earthy, and rich aroma of Patchouli to quiet the mind and halt intrusive thoughts of rage, shame, or guilt.


Earthy, calming scent; anti-inflammatory, relaxes muscles.

Specially formulated by The Healing Coach, Christi Diamond, this CARE blend of calming and supportive essential oils is designed to help replace feelings of stress, anxiety, or emotional distress with feelings of peace and comfort. 

4. Lavender

Gentle floral aroma; calming, enhances sleep & great for the skin.

Lavender essential oil is well known throughout the world for its calming properties, and it can be a great ally for individuals who are experiencing extreme anxiety, stress, or bouts of insomnia due to a loss.

5. Tangerine

Sweet, citrusy; clears dead skin cells for a glowing complexion.

Grief can cause many people to feel hopeless, bitter, or emotionally empty. Release these feelings and promote a more positive mindset with Tangerine’s bright and uplifting aroma that can help us release disturbing emotions.

6. Sage

Fresh, herbal; promotes scalp health & new follicles growth.

Take the time to find your lost balance and practice self-care with Sage. This oil’s fresh, warm, and herbaceous aroma is incredibly soothing for the nerves, and it can help ease feelings of anxiousness or trauma.

7. Tranquility

Warm, floral, citrusy; deeply calming, yet uplifting.

With a beautiful mixture of sweet citrus and soft floral aromas, Tranquility offers a gentle and supportive boost that can help provide the comfort and positivity you need when feeling a deep sense of loss.

8. Perspective

Strong, earthy, floral scent; helps you release emotional trauma.

Perspective is a unique blend that is designed to help you work through and overcome the negative side effects of traumatic experiences. In addition, this blend helps you let go of frustration and fear. 

View Phoenix’s Guided EFT Technique

To begin your journey toward emotional healing, and to find out how to release certain emotions such as grief, pain, or loss, join our CEO and co-founder, Phoenix Vincent, in her guided aroma tapping video below:

Helping You Find Peace

The loss of a loved one can leave you feeling unbalanced or in denial. While these are valid emotions and are important steps in the stages of grief, it’s important to take care of your body and mind during this period of healing.

Finding peace after the loss of a loved one can feel impossible right now, but with time and patience, you may learn to accept this loss and find ways to be happy again. We hope that with these oils, you can find some peace during this painful time. To anyone who is struggling with the pain of losing someone they love, we are so sorry for your loss, and are sending you so much love at this time.