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Essential Oils for Every Mom this Mother's Day

Momming is hard. Sure, magazines and Instagram make it look easy (did you see Kate Middleton hours after giving birth?), but even the whole “growing a human” thing aside, mothers don’t have it easy.

We may not be able to help you drive your 6-year-old to soccer practice or pick up all the dirty dishes they left on the table (again!), but we can help provide some peace for your otherwise hectic days. As Mother’s Day approaches, we hope you get a little break — or at least a break in the arguing among siblings, right? So we’ve picked out some of our favorite essential oils for every type of maternal pick-me-up needed.

These make great gifts for yourself, a fellow mom friend, a grandmother, mother-in-law, or even someone who serves as a second mom. Let’s hear it for all the moms, moms-to-be, and women who yearn to be mothers!

The New Mom

Whether it’s her first baby or third, getting into the groove of no sleep and a new baby is tough. Not to mention hormones settling out and all the postpartum issues people just don’t talk about enough—hair loss, postpartum depression, and anxiety. We hear you. It’s not easy to feed a baby, and even if the infant is a unicorn sleeper, the new mom is probably still exhausted. Try:

The Grandmother

She’s been through it before, and now she gets the fun of grandchildren … without all the responsibility! It’s no surprise that as you get a little older, a lot tends to change. Some may feel like they’re not as sharp as they once were. Whether that’s the case or not, we have a few blends and roll-ons that help focus concentration and sharpen awareness. Try:

The Fit-and-Fabulous Mom

Do you know a mom that’s always active? Whether she’s a marathon runner or always on top of the latest workout trends, we’ve got the perfect oil blends for her. Ones to help motivate her or soothe and relax muscles. Try:

The Always-Prepared Soccer Mom

She’s the cheerleader and the carpooler. Whether she’s on the sidelines as children skillfully (or maybe not-so-skillfully) weave down the field, or she’s picking up the group from school, she’s always prepared to come to the rescue. Why not make sure she’s prepared with extra essentials in the first aid kit? Try:

The Stay-At-Home Mom

We know that just because you don’t sit in an office all day, you’re not sitting at home eating bonbons and watching your favorite Netflix series (if only!). There are mountains of laundry, trails of crumbs, and plenty of surfaces to be decluttered. For the mom with a tall order with kids at home, don’t forget the natural disinfectants. Try:

The Working Mom

Admit it: Sometimes the 8-to-5 job is less stressful than the chaos of the after-hours job—cooking meals, cleaning, getting kids where they need to go. As a working mom, you’ve got the whole productivity thing down pat. Try:

The Mom on the Go

Aren’t all moms on the go? Swim lessons, piano lessons, ballet, baseball, art camp, doctor’s visits, homework. We’re always doing something. And even if you work outside the home and your employer gives you sick days, being a mom means you don’t actually ever get sick days. Try:

The Adventurous Mom

The “get down on the ground and play with your kid” kind of mom. The mom who traipses through the woods with her children and takes them on little adventures? Don’t let her leave home without a way to keep pesky bugs at bay. Try:

The DIY Mom

No one can say she’s not crafty. Judging by her Pinterest boards, she’s got a lot of handy projects in the works … or at least pinned for someday. Try some of our favorite Rocky Mountain Oils-inspired crafts. Take a “crafternoon” with your fellow mom friends, or let the little ones pitch in with these. Check out our best ideas on our blog! Lately, it seems like every T-shirt saying or meme involves (tired) jokes about moms and bottles of wine. Instead, why not find your joy with your kids, and enjoy a little respite from the stressors of the day by employing our small bottles of high-quality essential oils? Find harmony and balance through all of our essential oils this Mother’s Day and beyond!