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Rainy Day Diffuser Blends

The best rainy day diffuser blends 

You know how the old saying goes: April showers bring May flowers, unless you live in the Rocky Mountains you may be receiving more April snowstorms. When you think of the ideal rainy afternoon, what do you imagine? Are you curled up under a warm blanket, reading a good book, while listening to the rainfall outside? There is something relaxing and magical about the rain. We have put together our favorite rainy day diffuser blends for you to try. 

Aromatherapy is a natural and easy way to change your environment and bring a breath of fresh air to your space. If you are looking to invite the refreshing scent of rain into your home (without the water damage, of course), be sure to check out these rain-inspired diffuser blends that will leave you happy, invigorated, and ready to slip your feet into some rain boots.

Rainy Day Diffuser Blends

Over the Rainbow

Sweet Petrichor

April Showers

Singing in the Rain

*Evergreen Dream is a limited-edition blend, if you don't have this blend in your collection we recommend using 1 drop of Spruce, Cedarwood, and Peppermint

Next time it is drizzling outside or you are wanting to encapsulate the magic of cloudy and try one of these 4 rainy day diffuser blends. Comment below with which blend you are wanting to try the most. 

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