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Rosemary Essential Oil’s herbal and woody aroma can tone your skin and support your immune and nervous systems. Try using it in a massage oil to ease tired muscles. Clear your mind with the balsamic and familiar aroma diffused around you.
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Immune Strength
Immune Strength Essential Oil Blend has a medicinal aroma that can help strengthen the immune system. Try diffusing it. You can also add it to your DIY cleaning products for counters and sinks.
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Orange Essential Oil’s citrusy, refreshing, and sweet aroma can inspire a blissful mood and support your immune system. Try using it as a skin tonic for any skin type. Revitalize your respiratory system and mood by mixing with Lavender and having the fruity aroma diffused around you.
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Lemon Pressed Peel
Lemon Essential Oil’s clean, fresh, and fruity aroma can energize your mood and refresh your home. Use it in an air-freshening mist and for its health-promoting benefits. Relax with the citrusy scent diffused around you.
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Tea Tree
Tea Tree Essential Oil’s fresh, earthy, and herbaceous aroma can invigorate your respiratory tract and soothe your skin. Use it in support of a healthy immune system. Practice deep breathing with the with the crisp aroma diffused around you.
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Eucalyptus citriodora
Eucalyptus citriodora Essential Oil’s fresh and lemony aroma can open your chest and calm your nerves. Add to an oil blend for irritated skin. Diffuse its sweet aroma to enhance your breathing during meditation.
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Peppermint Essential Oil’s strong minty aroma can relax and inspire your mood while also promoting healthy digestion. Try using it in a massage oils to ease achy muscles after a tough workout. Meditate with the sweet aroma diffused around you to ease tension and boost energy.
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Lavender (Bulgaria)
Lavender Bulgaria Essential Oil’s herbaceous floral aroma can promote general mental and physical well-being. Try using it in a bath oil or in our DIY personal care products. Include in a massage oil for increased relaxation. Allow the wonderfully familiar aroma to sweep you into restful sleep.
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Have a headache that just won’t quit? A sore back from heavy lifting? Or maybe just an unsettled stomach? Help make pesky aches, pains and stiffness distant memories with the help of essential oils for pain relief from Rocky Mountain Oils.
Feeling a little off? Maybe you’re recovering from illness, or you’re just fatigued and in a bit of a fog. Rocky Mountain Oils has the natural solution for what ails your body—10 essential oil blends designed to fortify and protect your wellness year-round.
Get up and go with the Rocky Mountain Oils Energy collection. Choose from customer favorites like Energize, Joyful Moments, Love, and Revitalize to help lift your spirits, sharpen your senses and power you through the day
All too often, trying to unwind at bedtime is an exercise in futility. Rather than sinking between the sheets and peacefully drifting off, our minds race, our legs feel restless and we spend hours tossing and turning.
Skin Care
Looking for radiant skin that’s balanced, healthy and soft to the touch? When you mix our Rocky Mountain Oils with your favorite carrier oil, you’re on your way to uncovering your natural luminescent beauty.
Eliminate airborne pathogens and disinfect your home with the essential oils in the Rocky Mountain Oils Cleaning Collection.
Rocky Mountain Oils’ Mood Collection can help you “namaste” your worries away and achieve the mindfulness you crave. This group of essential oils aids in purifying the mind by inspiring feelings of peace and tranquility.
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