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Aphrodisiac Essential Oils - Part 2: Oils To Get A Second Date

We've all been there. You met someone new and agreed to a first date. Maybe you feel a little nervous or have a few butterflies in your tummy (because, let's be honest, this guy was handsome, charming, and funny, and you definitely think there may be potential here). You're fixing your hair and maybe change a few times before you find the perfect outfit. It's important that everything is just right. 

Your date probably has some anxious and excited feelings as well as he gets ready. Perhaps he's picking out an outfit that will make him look sharp or classy, and adding some cologne. 

No matter who much we may prepare for a first date, though, odds are you may still have some nerves. Not only that, but if this date is with someone you're interested in, you want it to go smoothly so that he or she will agree to a second one.. and maybe a third, and fourth, and more. 

Essential Oils For A First Date

Aphrodisiac essential oils are often associated with increasing libido and enhancing intimate relationships, which is definitely something they're commonly used for. However, aphrodisiac essential oils can also help in the beginning stages of a relationship, such as a first date. 

In this part of our aphrodisiac series, we are going to take a look at how aphrodisiac essential oils can help you make a good impression on your first date and move on to the second. 

Feeling Confident

Feeling and showing confidence is extremely important on a first date. Having confidence in yourself (but not being cocky or arrogant) is very attractive to most people. Being confident is not being "cool" per se; instead, it is showing that you have self-respect, are genuine, and take a sincere interest in others, especially your date. 

Even though confidence is important on a first date, many of us have trouble naturally presenting our confidence. Or perhaps we aren't as confident in ourselves as we would like and need a little boost. Before your date, try diffusing, inhaling, or topically applying (with a carrier oil) any of these oils to help boost your confidence: 

  • Bergamot: This fruity oil can boost your mood and bring feelings of positivity and brightness. 
  • Rosemary: Earthy and herbal, this oil is great for increasing energy, stimulating the mind, and fighting feelings or thoughts of self-sabotage. 
  • Jasmine: This strong, floral oil can help stimulate your central nervous system to boost feelings of confidence. 
  • Patchouli: Another floral oil, Patchouli is great for relaxing an anxious mind, which can help replace nervous thoughts with confident ones. Patchouli also releases its scent over time, so it can have a longer-lasting effect when applied topically. 
  • Grapefruit: With a light and citrus aroma, Grapefruit helps fight feelings of distress and boost overall positivity. 

Feeling Relaxed and Energized 

First dates can be a little nerve-wracking. As the time for the date draws closer, you may experience some first date jitters, especially if you really want the date to go well. Oftentimes, it's easy to get ourselves overworked and over anxious, but these are things we don't want to display when we are trying to make a good first impression. 

In addition to feeling relaxed, you want to make sure you are awake and alert for your date. This is especially important if you've had a long day or week and are feeling extra tired. Being alert and energized can make you happier and more engaged in conversation, which will definitely be more appealing to your date. 

To help calm your nerves, feel energized, and feel more yourself, try diffusing, inhaling, or topically applying (with a carrier oil) these oils before your date: 

  • Lavender: This oil is well-known for calming the nerves and promoting feelings of relaxation. Just be careful with this one; Lavender can be a powerful sleep aid as well, and you don't want yourself or your date to feel sleepy! 
  • Rose: This sweet, floral oil is great for calming anxious feelings and bringing a feeling of serenity. 
  • Vetiver: This oil has excellent soothing properties and can help reduce feelings of anxiety. 
  • Peppermint: This oil has a strong, minty aroma that is famous for increasing alertness and boosting energy. 
  • Orange: This citrus, bright oil is great for giving your energy a boost while also putting you in a good mood. 

Feeling Attractive

Your sense of smell is more powerful than any of your other senses. So, while feeling confident, relaxed, and energized is great for a first date, one way to captivate your date is to smell attractive. Everyone is drawn to different aromas, but we've made a list that can generally make anyone -- men and women -- seem more attractive to others: 

  • Rose: While Rose is known to stimulate attraction in both genders, women are more often attracted to floral smells. 
  • Orange: One study showed that Orange aroused 20% of men, so add this to your fragrance list, ladies! 
  • Sandalwood: While Sandalwood can be stimulating for both genders, it is more commonly used to entice men. 
  • Vetiver: This aroma is more musky and earthy, which can be more attractive to men. 
  • Vanilla (or Balsam of Peru): This aroma often arouses euphoria and relaxation. While Vanilla seems to be alluring to both genders, it often seems more arousing to men. 
  • Cinnamon: This spicy aroma is great for both genders. 
  • Lavender: This aroma is great for both genders; although women are typically more drawn to floral scents. 
  • Jasmine: Again, women are often drawn to more floral aromas, but Jasmine has been know to entice both genders. 
  • Basil: Due to its herbal and muskier aroma, Basil is more often used to allure men. 
  • Black Pepper: Again, this spicy and natural aroma may be more appealing to men. 
  • Peppermint: This strong, minty aroma can appeal to both men and women, but it may be more enticing to women. 

Whether you're going on a first date with someone new or recreating the first date with your spouse, a first date is a special moment that requires some preparation and care. Essential oils are a natural and powerful way to stimulate healthy feelings and emotions that can help a first date go smoothly and get you on that second date.