Wood Essential Oils

Call upon the earthy, grounding, and protective nature of trees with our collection of Wood Essential Oils. 


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  • Warm, floral, citrusy; deeply calming, yet uplifting.
  • Deep, rich, earthy, musky; for stress relief & mental clarity.
  • Earthy, citrusy aroma promotes deep calm and relaxation.
  • Woodsy, floral; for relaxation, meditation, & stress relief.
  • Safe for kids ages 2+ ; may help ease insomnia.
  • Safe for kids ages 2+ ; may help ease insomnia.
  • Clean, woodsy scent; men's favorite; may help with psoriasis & eczema.
  • Bright, woodsy aroma; inspires a happy mood & positive energy.
  • Fresh, woodsy aroma; supports lymphatic system & adrenal glands.
  • Crisp, woodsy aroma; may help balance hormones & PMS symptoms.
  • Woodsy, earthy; anti-inflammatory that may help with chronic pain.
  • Clean, earthy, floral; May help reduce symptoms of ADHD.
  • Fresh, piney, masculine aroma; clean mountain air, grounding.
  • Woodsy, fruity aroma; w/ diuretic effects to support urinary function.
  • Floral, citrusy; with an anti-aging formula helps tone the skin.
  • Crisp, floral scent; boosts focus and reduces stress.
  • Menthol-like scent; ready for topical use, eases congestion.
  • Deep, grounding aroma that is earthy; anti-inflammatory.
  • Sweet, floral, cooling; fades scars, sun spots, redness, acne.
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  • Solar Plexus Chakra Roll-on: spicy-sweet; boosts self-confidence.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: spicy-sweet; boosts self-confidence.

Call upon the earthy, grounding, and protective nature of trees with our collection of Wood Essential Oils. 

Wood Essential Oils are often used in aromatherapy to relieve stress, balance emotions, and create stability. Diffuse these wood-scented essential oils in your home or office for cozy, rustic vibes that uplift yet invite a deep sense of serenity. They’re perfect for DIY cleaning products, holistic healing, solar plexus chakra balancing, meditation, natural first-aid, candlemaking, homemade soaps and hand sanitizers, and more.

Popular wood-smelling essential oils include Cedarwood, Spruce, Rosewood, Patchouli, and more. These essential oils are made from different parts of trees, such as bark, pine needles, and roots. Their aromatic notes are deep, woodsy, earthy, and crisp. They’re perfect if you’re making a blend of essential oil that smells like wood smoke or Christmas trees.

Many Wood Essential Oils have anti-inflammatory properties and can be diluted in a carrier oil for topical use. They are antimicrobial, antifungal, and repel insects like mosquitoes and spiders. Add Wood Essential Oils to a spray bottle with water and vinegar, then spritz along windowsills and doorways to keep bugs at bay.

Wood Essential Oils are also known to help enhance concentration, calm hyperactivity, and promote deeper sleep. Try our prediluted Wood Essential Oil Blend roll-ons or shop 100% pure Wood Essential Oils. 

Like all our products, Rocky Mountain Essential Oil wood oils are independently GC/MS tested to guarantee quality, safety, and purity. (Click here to learn more about GC/MS testing.)