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Essential Oils For Married Couples

When you get married, the first few months or so after the wedding may seem like perfect bliss.

But as life and marriage go on, you may feel like you need more support and help to rebuild the magic in your married life.

As time goes on, things can become more stressful as you both struggle to juggle work, time together, family, hobbies, and anything else. For some, the strain of life takes a toll on their marriage, and some struggles can arise. Perhaps you feel like you never see each other anymore, or that your time together isn't as enjoyable. Maybe tempers are a little higher and disagreements happen more often. Whatever struggles you and your partner may face, there are many things you can do to work together and re-establish that "honeymoon" feel in your marriage. And one of them is using essential oils to help, support, and rebuild that connection. Discover Essential Oils For Married Couples find the best essential oils that work for you and your partner.

Essential Oils For Married Couples

There are a lot of different components that make a marriage successful: compromise, attraction to each other, patience, forgiveness, effective communication, and so much more. Essential oils can help you and your partner improve in many different parts of marriage, ultimately helping you feel closer to each other and experience a happier and more romantic marriage.


One of the things that just about everyone says is key to a happy marriage is effective communication. Sharing a life with someone means sharing your thoughts, feelings, concerns, frustrations, worries, joys, etc. simply because we don't know what the other person is thinking. When there is a lack of open or effective communication, a marriage can suffer. There can be feelings of resentment or frustration, and arguments can become more frequent. 

To help you and your partner maintain calm temperaments during conversations, and to help you both open your hearts and mouths, try using these essential oils: 

Essential Oils for Communication 

  • Vanilla (Balsam of Peru): This warm and calming oil helps bring feelings of security so that you and your partner can feel safe opening up to each other. 
  • Ylang Ylang: Ylang Ylang is well-known for its sedative effects. It can help calm the mind and body so that you and your partner can avoid tension and potential arguments during your conversations. 
  • Cedarwood: This woodsy oil is great for promoting mental clarity, which can help you know exactly what you want to say. Cedarwood oil can also help ease feelings of anger, and help you feel calm and safe. 
  • Lavender: Known to many as the oil of communication, Lavender oil has excellent relaxing properties. It can also ease feelings of worry and calm the body to keep your conversation calm. Lavender essential oil also helps us to be emotionally honest with ourselves and others. 
  • Myrrh: For many, Myrrh oil is great for uplifting the mood and enhancing meditation. It can also help you relax and slow your breathing, bringing mental clarity. 
  • Spearmint: If you and your partner have to discuss something more difficult, Spearmint can help. Spearmint oil can help you have a more positive perspective on things, as well as confident speech.
  • Throat Chakra Blend: Our Throat Chakra Blend helps to balance your throat chakra. When balanced, your throat chakra can help boost your ability to speak your mind and truth, and to more fully express yourself. A balanced throat chakra also helps you listen more deeply and intently to others. Learn more about your throat chakra and how to balance it.


Happy partners can make a happy marriage! We understand that life and marriage can be hard, and many of us struggle with feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, and other unhappy things. If these feelings get the best of us, it can affect our relationship with our partners. If you feel like you, your partner, or your marriage needs a boost of happiness, try these essential oils: 

Essential Oils for Happiness

  • Ylang Ylang: This novelty floral oil is great for promoting feelings of happiness be relieving feelings of stress and tension. 
  • Lavender: Many know that Lavender oil helps you relax. It does this, in part, by calming the mind and reducing feelings of sadness. Lavender essential oil can help boost happiness by helping you sleep better and fight feelings of pain or discomfort from sore muscles or headaches. 
  • Orange: This sweet, bright citrus oil is great for replacing feelings of sadness and stress with ones of joy! Orange oil boosts your energy and uplifts the soul. This oil is great for when you don't want bouts of stress, fear, or worry to interfere with your daily life. 
  • Clary Sage: Clary Sage is well-known as a sedative oil. Its calming, floral aroma is great for soothing feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, or insecurity. Clary Sage oil is also great for boosting feelings of confidence, hope, and self-esteem. 
  • Marjoram: This floral oil is great for supporting the body and mind's natural healing process, particularly when dealing with feelings of stress or anxiousness. Marjoram essential oil also promotes feelings of happiness, especially in times of anger, frustration, or sadness. 


Marriage involves bringing two different people together into one new life. This means that there will be times when one partner does something that frustrates, annoys, or offends the other, and vice versa. It's simply part of learning each other's quirks and living in a life that doesn't just involve yourself. If you find yourself in a situation where you or your partner need to forgive the other, try using these essential oils to help: 

Essential Oils for Forgiveness 

  • Vanilla (Balsam of Peru): With its warming aroma, Vanilla oil can help bring feelings of both compassion and love, which can help you forgive your partner or yourself. 
  • Geranium: This floral oil is a top choice for encouraging forgiveness. Geranium oil helps restore feelings that there is good in others and the world. It can help open your heart to forgiveness, re-establish stronger bonds with others, and facilitate trust. Geranium essential oil can also help ease feelings of anger towards someone and replace them with feelings of love and forgiveness. 
  • Thyme: This herbaceous and fresh-smelling oil is known for its ability to help open the heart. Thyme oil also encourages patience as you and your partner work through the forgiveness process. 
  • Sandalwood: As a wood and earthy oil, Sandalwood can help ground emotions that may otherwise feel all over the place. Sandalwood oil can also open your heart to unconditional love, helping you move past an argument and back into a loving relationship. 
  • Heart Chakra Blend: Your heart chakra is the center of compassion, love, and affection. Our Heart Chakra Blend can help keep your heart chakra open and balanced. This can increase feelings of compassion, respect, and empathy towards others. With a balanced heart chakra, you can develop deeper bonds with others and reopen your heart to love. Learn more about your heart chakra and how to balance it. 


You can't talk about marriage without mentioning romance. Whether you are hoping to get your romance back to a honeymoon-like stage, or if you just want to spice things up a bit, try these essential oils next time you and your partner have a night together: 

Essential Oils for Romance

  • Ginger and Clove: If you want to spice things up a bit, try these spicy oils! These scents can get you and your partner energized. Ginger oil can also give you greater endurance for your energy to last the night. Clove oil has strong warming properties that can intoxicate the senses and create a more exotic atmosphere. 
  • Rose: Known as the oil of romance, Rose essential oil can promote a passionate and love-filled atmosphere while increasing sensuality. 
  • Jasmine: This intoxicating oil has a history of being on the most romantic essential oils, commonly stirring up romantic, sensual feelings. Jasmine oil is also known to increase libido. 
  • Ylang Ylang: Ylang Ylang has a lovely floral aroma that can enhance stimulation. It is also known to enhance female libido particularly, but men are also often drawn to its aroma. Ylang Ylang oil can also boost feelings of adoration, helping you and your partner create a deeper connection during your romantic evening. 
  • Cedarwood: With its grounding, woody aroma, Cedarwood oil is great for promoting inner confidence. It also promotes feelings of calmness and safety, which can help you and your partner open up to each other in more intimate ways