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This or That: True Blue vs. Relieve Me vs. Sports Pro

Essential oils provide a variety of health benefits to those who use them.

At Rocky Mountain Oils, we love harnessing the healing properties of various essential oils by creating blends that can help address specific problems.

Join us as we take a closer look at three of our most popular essential oils for muscle pain and aches. And although True Blue, Relieve Me, and Sports Pro may seem fairly similar at first, they actually feature a number of differences. So if you are a person who loves working out and is constantly looking for something to relieve and soothe your sore muscles or joint pain, you might want to tune in. Fight inflammation, aches, pains, infections, and more, and dive into what makes these three sports blends different and explore the reasons why someone would choose one over the other. 

1. True Blue 

True Blue is one of the best essential oils for muscle pain. It is a popular essential oil blend that comes in both a 15ml bottle and a 10ml roll-on. It consists of Wintergreen, Peppermint, Helichrysum gymnocephalum, Blue Tansy, and Spruce essential oils. True Blue has a minty aroma with an herbal undertone. It is great for soothing sore or achy muscles and joints, as well as calming the mind, promoting feelings of peace, and reducing feelings of frustration. 

What makes it different from the others? 

The main thing that sets True Blue apart from the other blends is that it contains Blue Tansy, which is a natural remedy for relieving sore muscles. Blue Tansy can have a strong aroma, and for some people, it can be overpowering. As a result, True Blue's aroma does have a slightly herbal undertone that surrounds the minty oils. Blue Tansy has many different benefits, including: 

  • Fights inflammation
  • Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Protects against both fungal and bacterial infections
  • Reduces fever and helps regular body temperature

True Blue also contains Spruce, which is not in any of the other blends. Spruce is a stimulating oil, helping to boost your overall energy. Spruce can also help increase blood flow to areas where it is applied topically. This can be especially helpful for sore muscles, as increased blood flow can help remove metabolic byproducts that have built up and cause pain or contractions. 

Lastly, True Blue is a bit more minty than the other blends. While all three blends contain both Peppermint and Wintergreen, the warming and cooling sensations felt from these minty oils is a bit more powerful in True Blue. So, if you are looking to get a stronger cooling effect on your sore muscles, you might want to reach for True Blue. 

When to use True Blue

True Blue is a great blend to pull out when you experience muscle or joint soreness, or if you experience involuntary muscle contractions or spasms. It can help reduce concentrated discomfort after surgical procedures or intense workouts. Massage into specific areas with a carrier oil, or use the pre-diulted roll-on. 

2. Relieve Me 

Relieve Me is another great essential oil for muscle pain relief. It is an expertly crafted essential oil blend designed to stimulate deep breathing, promote greater energy, and soothe aching or sore muscles and joints. Relieve Me contains Wintergreen, Helichrysum gymnocephalum, Clove Bud, Cypress, Peppermint, and Marjoram essential oils. This blend provides a strong menthol-like aroma with a slightly spicy undertone. 

What makes it different from the others? 

Relieve Me is different from True Blue in that it contains Clove Bud and Marjoram essential oils. Below is a brief overview of some of the benefits you can experience from these two oils

Clove Bud

  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Clears up the respiratory system 
  • Fights inflammation
  • Boosts the immune system


  • Fights inflammation
  • Helps soothe headaches, muscle spasms, and overworked or tired muscles
  • Regulates body temperature

Relieve Me also contains Cypress oil, which is not in either of the other blends. Cypress is a woody oil that has great antibacterial properties and is an excellent aid to respiratory health. It can help improve circulation, which can help mitigate muscle contractions or spasms, or just general aches and pains. Cypress can help do this by also promoting the release of fluid buildup, such as lactate, that can cause sore muscles or joints and inflammation

When to use Relieve Me 

Many people choose to reach for Relieve Me when they experience joint or muscle pain, either chronically or not. Some choose to use Relieve Me after workout to help soothe sore muscles, and others apply Relieve Me before bed and in the morning to help with more constant discomfort. For those who experience frequent or painful headaches, applying Relieve Me to the temples and back of the neck can help. With the addition of Cypress and Clove Bud, Relieve Me is also great for clearing up the airways and promoting fuller, deeper breathing. 

Note: Due to the hot oils in this blend, be sure to always dilute Relieve Me with a carrier oil before applying to your skin. 

3. Sports Pro 

Sports Pro is the perfect oil for, you guessed it, athletes. Obviously, you don't have to be an actual professional to use this blend, but Sports Pro is designed to provide relief to muscles that may be sore or tired after a long or intense workout. Sports Pro contains a combination of Wintergreen, Peppermint, Nutmeg, Clove Bud, Thyme, Black Pepper, Oregano, Marjoram, and Helichrysum gymnocephalum , great essential oils for muscle pain relief. This blend also has a menthol-like aroma but is slightly spicier than Relieve Me. 

What makes it different from the others? 

Sports Pro is the only one of these three blends to contain Nutmeg, Thyme, Black Pepper, and Oregano. All four of these oils have excellent benefits and are great essential oils for muscle pain relief. More benefits include: 

  • Fights inflammation to help with joint or muscle swelling that occurs after exercise 
  • Improves blood circulation to reduce stress on your heart and keep it healthy
  • Thyme contains thymol, which helps soothe joint pain by promoting range of motion and blood flow to the affected areas

Black Pepper is an oil well-known for its its ability to soothe aching muscles. It provides a warming effect that can stimulate circulation and help remove toxins, such as uric acid, from the blood. This can be particularly beneficial for those who experience frequent or continuous joint pain. 

When to use Sports Pro

We recommend using Sports Pro after an intense or long workout. Massage it with a carrier oil into overworked muscles. Sports Pro is also great for easing joint pain either after a workout or any time throughout the day. 

Note: Due to the hot oils in this blend, be sure to always dilute Sports Pro with a carrier oil before applying to your skin.