Essential Oil Blends

Our essential oil blends are made with high-quality ingredients and are perfect for use with diffusers, as well as for topical application when diluted properly. Whether you're looking for a blend to help you unwind after a long day, promote restful sleep, or boost your energy levels, we have the perfect essential oil mixes for you.

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  • Cheerful, woodsy scent; inspires creativity and positivity.
  • Deep, grounding aroma that is earthy; anti-inflammatory.
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    Falling Rain
    Earthy, piney, floral; grounding, helps clear pollutants.
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  • Earthy, floral; Helps reset your circadian rhythm & ease jet lag.
  • Sharp, clean, cooling scent eliminates foul odors; disinfects.
  • Strong, masculine, earthy scent; promotes clarity and energy.
  • Floral scent; kid-safe, boosts mood, anti-aging.
  • Safe for kids ages 2+ ; may help ease insomnia.
  • Citrus-Herbal Roll-On for Peace & Oil-Free Hands
  • Floral, citrusy; with an anti-aging formula helps tone the skin.
  • Strong, minty-fresh; for post-workout; reduces soreness.
  • Herbal, floral scent; for kids ages 2+; decreases healing time.
  • Bright, fresh, spicy aroma; energizing oil.
  • Aromatherapy Chakra Kit: for a balanced Mind, Body, & Spirit.
  • Bright, citrusy; helps with fatigue & low motivation.
  • Citrusy, floral, uplifting; eases jet lags & seasonal depression.
  • Herbal, minty, woodsy; helps lengthen your attention span.
  • Medium floral-herbal aroma; uplifts and stabilizes mood.
  • Sweet, herbal; helps with nerve function; for faster skin healing.
  • Woodsy, floral aroma; boosts focus, creativity, brain health.
  • Sacral Chakra Roll-on: Earthy; Stimulates creativity & sensuality.
  • Earthy, calming scent; anti-inflammatory, relaxes muscles.
  • Earthy, citrusy aroma promotes deep calm and relaxation.
  • Soft, sweet floral; helps with emotional healing & burnout.
  • Citrusy, floral scent; helps relieve stress & insomnia.
  • Third-Eye Chakra Roll-on: connect w/ inner spiritual guidance.
  • Root Chakra Roll-on: Woodsy, earthy; feel calmer, grounded & safe.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Roll-on: spicy-sweet; boosts self-confidence.
  • Heart Chakra Roll-on: Sweet, floral; reduces feelings of isolation.
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  • Throat Chakra Roll-on: minty; inspires self-expression.

Our collection features a variety of blends, including sleep diffuser blends, essential oil blends for anxiety, essential oil blends for congestion, and best smelling essential oil blends. Each blend is carefully crafted to provide targeted benefits, such as promoting relaxation, relieving stress, and supporting a healthy respiratory system.